New Year’s Eve: Champagne Night

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

So you made it through another year and either your reaction is “Whew, I made it” or it is – with a hit of swagger – “Shall I propose a toast?” Hopefully the latter is you and you aren’t one of the ones who barely made it by this year; instead, I hope you are celebrating something marvelous that has or is about to happen to you.

As you know, I am a male fashion consultant so this New Year’s blog will focus on something cool to wear for New Year’s Eve as you toast to your success. I was going to do an extensive wardrobe makeover article but instead, I opted to keep it simple and chose pieces that are relaxed so that your confidence can be the main thing that you wear this New Year’s Eve night. I also chose these pieces because I feel that they can be incorporated into other things that you can wear later in the year.

I decided to stick with grays and blacks. These colors are like what they call in the art world – blank canvas. It is from that blank canvas that you can do much more and create to your heart’s content. Same with grays and blacks – you can go as far as you want to the edge of creativity with them. So, start the new year off with something basic such as this Theory polo shirt and these Nudie jeans.
Maybe you can’t be quite this casual for the event that you are going to. That’s ok. I’ve got something else for you. Try instead this other ensemble – a shirt and a pair of trousers, all Theory products.


Maybe it’s a little cold outside and this isn’t quite warm enough. Add this Theory sweater to the mix. You can wear it as a layer over the shirt or if you just want to keep it handy in case it gets too cold, then opt to wear it around the shoulders and loosely tied in the front to create a sophisticated college boy look.


If you are not feeling the sweater because you don’t want to break a sweat while you are “cutting a rug” on the dance floor as you are two stepping the night away,  then opt to wear this John Varvatos jacket that you can take off when you get to your party – but just don’t take it off and make a grand entrance dancing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
Last but certainly most important, let’s choose some shoes. You can stick with a dressy sneaker if you don’t want to be too fancy. But if you want to be a little fancy, then opt for one of these two shoes – the Giuseppe Zanotti or the Versace dress shoe.


Champagne glasses image courtesy of

Fashion images taken by Mel.

Giuseppe Zanotti shoe image courtesy of

Saturday Night Fever video courtesy of



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