Extending Your Winter Scarf Shelf Life

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

A little over a week ago, I was watching the Soul Train Awards on BET.   As a men’s clothing aficionada, I’m always drawn to what is trendy among men, especially in the celebrity world.  I’m often always excited to see some of the entertainers wearing products that our store carries and I often play guessing games with myself, trying to figure out which designer a celebrity is wearing (don’t laugh).  One thing that I noticed is that one of the performers had a strap-like item tied around his jeans below the knee.  This inspired this blog.  I began thinking, how can I come up with an urban eclectic style for Atlanta men that incorporate such a strap-like item on the pant leg.

I wanted to keep it simple; nothing too exotic.  After all, guys like simple fashion trends.  Check it out:


So, I started with some slim fit jeans by Jbrand because using a slim fit jean keeps the style from looking too bulky.  In place of the black strap that the entertainer was wearing, I opted to use a scarf.  I chose a scarf because down in the A, our winter is very short – maybe a month or two – so scarfs aren’t really essential accouterments.  You buy one and before long, you are tossing it back on the shelf until next year.  So, I thought that maybe the lifespan of scarfs can be lengthened by using them for a place other than the neck in the winter.  Above, I demonstrated how the scarf can be utilized much longer in the year and converted into a fashion sensation.  In the first photo, the scarf is folded over until it is a thin strip and tied twice around the thigh (how many wraps around the thigh depends on the size of one’s thigh).  In the second photo, the scarf is tied below the knee and is folded over until it is a thin strip and quadruple wrapped to avoid tripping while wearing it.  These scarf styles are displayed with the tail ends to the side but you can also consider wearing it with the tail ends to the back or to the front; however, I wouldn’t opt for along the inseam because that may make it difficult to walk.  I would also avoid a scarf made of heavy fabric.  A nice silk scarf or one like this Johnston’s scarf would be a great choice.  If you do opt for a heavier fabric, make sure the scarf is very thin – like a thin wool or cashmere scarf still works well.

Photos taken by Mel.


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